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Start your journey toward a calmer, less stressed and more fulfilling life, today!

Life in Balance: Mindfulness & Stress Management Program

The Life in Balance: Mindfulness & Stress Management Program will walk you through 8-modules (2 hours of video content) that will cover the defining principles of stress, the negative impacts as well as the benefits to stress reduction and cover a mindfulness exercise. The program is designed for anyone who feels that their stress has become too high or unmanageable and who would benefit from learning cognitive behavioral strategies at reducing stress.

The program covers:

  • Module 1: What is stress? How to recognize when you are feeling stressed and how how to better monitor yourself when experiencing symptoms.

  • Module 2: Negative impacts of stress: which include physical, cognitive, emotional and mental health symptoms of stress.

  • Module 3: Living in balance: we’ll review how to have better balance with various aspects of your life, such as work, family life, personal interests, etc.

  • Module 4: Benefits of calming: The positive impacts of reducing stress.

  • Module 5: Strategies to reduce stress: These are actual behavioral activities that you can engage in to help you reduce the negative impacts of stress.

  • Module 6: Mindfulness: review what is mindfulness and go through an example mindfulness exercise.

  • Module 7: Cognitive restructuring: we’ll look at how to change the way that we think about stress and look at how our mindset can impact our situation.

  • Module 8: Establishing a healthy habit: setting up routines that will include better coping skills and a stress relieving activity as well as look at your goals for moving forward.

Each module will include a corresponding video featuring Dr. Shelley Sommerfeldt, Clinical Psychologist, who will walk you through the program material and provide activities and homework assignments at the end of each section. These assignments are intended to accelerate and promote growth.


Purchase includes instant access to view the video series content and a link to download the program workbook.