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The Psychology of Clutter


This is a free 4-part Masterclass on the Psychology of Clutter. We will be reviewing how clutter impacts the brain, your productivity at work as well as how to create more healthy habits with tidying and your lifestyle and creating happiness and improved mental health through better organization.

Join us for this weekly masterclass that will be airing live on Facebook every Thursday in June at 6pm MT. The Masterclass will be shown on the Loving Roots Project Facebook page. Episode topics and dates for live airing listed below. All episodes will be featured here when completed.

Episode 1: The Effects of Clutter on the Brain, Posted below
Episode 2: Healthy Habits for Your Brain & Space, June 13th, 6pm MT
Episode 3: Productivity in a Tidy Workspace, June 20th, 6pm MT
Episode 4: Happiness Through Tidying & Better Mental Health, June 27th, 6pm MT

This 4-episode Psychology of Clutter Masterclass series features the Loving Roots Project founder, Dr. Shelley Sommerfeldt, clinical psychologist & relationship coach as well as Adriana Fernandez, tidying coach & professional organizer.

Episode 1: The Effects of Clutter on the Brain


Episode 2: Creating Healthy Habits for Your Space & Brain

Hoarding and mental health