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The Benefits of Giving

Giving back or volunteerism is simply the act of helping others in need. Giving back is something positive that helps others, gives back to your community and those in need and it also has many benefits for the volunteer.

Some of the latest research shows us that by focusing on gratitude and giving to others, it can increase personal happiness. Giving back can have positive impacts on both your physical and mental health. 

Many organizations provide wonderful services to so many people in need. There’s a great need for volunteers. This gives back greatly to our communities and saves resources.

The importance of the community:

  • Supports families, daycare, eldercare

  • Education programs for tutoring and literacy

  • Opportunity to support youth with mentoring and after-school programs

  • Clean up programs that beautify our local parks

Volunteering is important for many reasons, it saves resources in our communities, meets critical needs and gives better physical and mental health to those who give their time.

Benefits of Volunteering:

  • Offer vital help to those in need

  • Helpful to your Community or Cause

  • Connects you to other people and increases social interaction

  • Improves physical health by being active and reducing stress & depression

  • Keep you mentally stimulated

  • Gives you purpose and meaning

  • Increases fulfillment & helps us to feel needed

  • Benefits your career as it can teach you skills 

  • Helping others increases happiness

If you feel this is something that would be helpful to you and your community, here are some organizations that can help.